Are you looking for grease removal, chip removal, flux removal, draining and drying services? Cleaning tests are available at our plant.
Cleaning System

Cleaning Machine
Cleaning Machine
Making use of the cleaning technology developed by Shin-Ohtsuka Co. Ltd., a leading cleaning device manufacturer in Japan, YMPT is working to develop new cleaning systems and collect data on existing systems, using test results to provide clients with optimum cleaning methods, cleaning devices and cleaning services.
Parts procurement
We can secure maintenance parts, reducing acquisition lead-time through bulk purchasing.
Processing & Manufacturing
YMPT has succeeded in shortening delivery time by carrying out metal plating and processing within the same plant. We can also provide customers with metal-plated parts.
Quality Control
We ensure top quality is maintained with a quality control system constructed with the aim of preventing faulty parts entering the production line and providing optimum parts to our clients.
Cleaning TestCleaning Machine ConstructionCleaning Machine Design

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